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I’ve started spring cleaning at my house. It was motivated by the number of missing shoes my kids have. How do you lose one shoe? No, really, who takes off one shoe and places it under a bed (or behind a sofa)?!

Anyway, everyone had clothes to donate, and I noticed an inordinate amount of t-shirts being tossed in the donate box, some of which were like new. I figured I could repurpose some of them for the younger kids. Out came the sewing machine that I’ve had for over a year that was still in its original packaging (I know…).

I hopped online and found some ways to upcycle those shirts, and they are listed below! I did try them all, and the strands of thread on my living room floor prove it. I don’t think I’ve vacuumed this many times in a day since our first child was born. Spring cleaning is definitely in effect!

Turn a T-Shirt into a Little Girl’s Dress


This was the first project I tried for my 3-year old daughter. It was really easy, and fast. I used her still-too-big VBS shirt from last year. This is, by far, her favorite dress! She wore it to her doctor’s appointment, on top of her other clothes. Pick your battles.

Shirt to Skirt Refashion


This one was also very easy. Of course, it took me like 45 minutes to do it, though. I should really try these things after the kids’ bedtime.

T-Shirt into Sundress


I accidentally shrunk one of my hubby’s shirts he got for Christmas in the dryer. Oops. This gave me a great way to reuse the shirt that he could no longer wear!

T-Shirt to Tank Refashion


I took one of my old t-shirts to make this one. Ended up making them for my older daughters to wear over a solid ribbed tank on warmer days.

No-Sew T-Shirt to Tote Bag


This is awesome! I really like reusable bags, and these are cute and personal (and machine washable). Even better, this tutorial doesn’t require any sewing, so the kids can help making these.


Which of these projects will you try? Share your photos with us!

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