Coupon Organization

How to Organize your Coupons

Keeping your Coupons organized is extremely important. If you don’t, it can get out of hand very quickly. I highly suggest you find the right method that works well for you. I prefer the binder method, but there are different ways to organize them that work for different people. Set up your organization method from the beginning and you will save yourself time and frustration.

  • Binder Method – Get yourself a Zipper Binder, some baseball card holders and dividers. Organize your dividers how you see fit and once you have clipped out your coupons place them in the protective covers. This is an easy method to turn right to a specific coupon when you are shopping in stores.
  • No-Clip Method – Filing your inserts by date and using the coupon database to locate a specific coupon when you want to use it.
  • Box Method – Using a box and filing your coupons by categories or by item name (Pantene, Kelloggs, Tampax etc).
  • Accordion/Envelope Method – Once you have clipped your coupons you file them in accordion files or Envelopes in their corresponding section.
  • Purse Method – Get yourself a few small photo albums, and a sturdy makeup bag or purse and file your clipped coupons into their appropriate photo album. Then compile all your photo albums in your purse.
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