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If you love to bake cupcakes, then you will probably not find it surprising that there are a number of adorable back to school cupcake designs out there.  If you are planning on making something special to send to school on the first day, take a look at these creative constructions for a little bit of inspiration!

Notepaper Cupcakes

notepaper cupcake

This is some creative artistry. I love that you can actually write on  the notebook paper.

Basket of Apples

basket of apples

Don’t bother bringing an apple to school when you can bring a basket full of cute cupcakes! I especially like the one with a little bite out of it.

Pencil Cupcakes

pencil cupcakes

These pencils are spot on! Although getting the wrappers just right may take time, I feel this is a simple design to pull off. The teachers will definitely marvel at your craftiness!

ABC Cupcakes

ABC cupcakes

I feel like even I could get this cupcake presentation right! So simple, and so cute!

Stack of Books

Stack of Books cupcake

These are pretty smart looking.  I like how clean and classic they look. The wrappers give an added pop to the color of the books and apples.  I like it!

Chalkboard Cupcake

Chalkboard cupcake

These are nice too! I think the chalk is a white Tic-Tac, such a good idea! I think any teacher would be thrilled to get these as a first day of school gift.

If you have never heard of back to school cupcakes, like me, then I hope you were as delighted by these designs as I was.  Cupcakes really bring out the creativity in bakers. What is not to love?

Make back to school special with one of these super smart back to school cupcakes!

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