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We can all do with saving a little more money.  It’s just makes sense these days. No one wants a repeat of the last few years of financial struggles that many have been experiencing.  That’s why we’ve searched the frugal living files for five easy ways that you can do this Spring to save some cash.

1. Dry your clothes on a line

I know…. there’s this thing called a dryer and it’s right next to the washer that someone smart guy invented. You can save around $100 a year or even more if you have a large family if you hang your clothes up to dry on a line. It also makes whites much whiter and brighter.  You’ll save on electricity and dryer sheets. Plus your clothes will smell so fresh!

2. Wash dishes by hand using one sink-full of water

Although I know many don’t agree. It’s false when people say washing dishes by hand costs just as much as running the dish washer. You don’t need a lot of soapy wanter (just about 5 inches) but if you use just a minimal amount of water, you’d be surprised at how much you save. Plus you’ll save on electricity!

3. Make your own laundry detergent

Did you know that you can actually make your own laundry detergent? It’s so easy and it’s nice to see what is actually in your laundry soap.  You can make your own dry or liquid soap for less than $3 a container. If you don’t want to make your own, then go ahead and take one jug of soap and divide it in half and add water. Most people don’t know that you really don’t need all that much soap to clean your clothes.  The soap breaks up the oils, but it’s the water that actually does most of the work. So don’t be afraid to add less…your clothes will be just as clean.

4.  Become a coupon expert

You’ve probably seen the shows about extreme couponers and maybe even have some friends that coupon like crazy. It can take you about 45 minutes to get the basics down and then a couple practice shopping trips to learn about couponing. You can save hundreds of dollars on groceries this way plus you’ll also start to learn how to comparison shop, bulk shop and discount shop. It’s an awesome way to save!

5.  Cook more meals at home

Eating out is definitely a HUGE drain on your budget. Often for the cost of a meal out, you can buy all the fixings for 2-4 meals. If you start to cook at home more you can save hundreds of dollars a month. You might also find that you are a little more healthy. Plus cooking at home is a great way to connect with family and improve your family’s health.

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