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Do you love decorating for Thanksgiving? I get it! The earthy colors are so soothing to me.  All the different textures we have come to associate with this time of year are fun to get creative with.  They also make for a wonderful welcoming wreaths! See what I mean when you look through these 8 Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas! Get inspired to make your own, or perhaps make one for a friend or family member. I think these would make for thoughtful gifts. Take a look and see what others have done to spice up their doors for Thanksgiving.

Pine Cone Wreath

pinecone wreathTake your kids outdoors to collect these pine cones, then paint and assemble them into a wreath to make a perfectly sentimental pine cone wreath that will last for years to come.

Thanksgiving Ribbon Wreath

thanksgiving ribbon wreathThis ribbon wreath would be fun to make with craft leftovers. This could also potentially be a family activity if your children are old enough to tie knots.  The finish product is colorful an cute!

Give Thanks Wreath

give thanks wreathThis is a nice way to welcome friends and family to your Thanksgiving dinner.  The hanging message could easily be change each year.

Give Thanks Banner Wreath

give thanks banner wreathThis wreath combines the burlap banner craft with a rustic looking wreath to create a simple look that welcomes your guests.  If I made this one, I would probably add to it.

Indian Corn Wreath

indian corn wreath

I adore this wreath. It is colorful and invokes the spirit of fall.  It is mosaic-like with the kernels of corn, which is super interesting to look at.  I also like how the husks create a vibrant halo around the corn.  Really neat!

These ideas are all unique and creative in their own way.  They are fun and festive, just the way I like to make my fall decorations.  It is hard to choose just one, I might have to have in indoor and outdoor wreath. I am so excited for all things fall, I hope this helped you get excited too!


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