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The 4th of July is only one month away and some of you are getting ready for fun day, filled with patriotic flare! For some, the 4th of July is a perfect occasion to go all out with red, white, and blue cupcake making. Here are some excellent ideas to help inspire you to make your own dazzling cupcakes.

Sparkling Flag


This glitter in this one makes it sparkle and shine!

M&M 4th of July


Not a huge fan of frosting?  Just add M&Ms for a beautiful finished look.

Strawberry Sprinkles


Strawberries are abundant right now, a great time to make these dipped strawberry cupcakes.

Blueberry Flags


Blueberries are also easy to come by this time of year.  They make these mini cupcakes look so cute.

Red White and Blue Cake


Don’t hassle with fancy frosting, make the cake red, white,  and blue!

Red White and Blue Cake Minis


Here is a different way to present the red white and blue cake colors.  These don’t even need frosting, they look good as is!

Star Spangled Minis


If fancy frosting is your thing, then try these.  The star sprinkles set off the whole look!

Flag Display


Use a traditional frosting technique and display your cupcakes in this flag design.

Ruffled Red White and Blue


If you want a more elegant look, try these red, white, and blue ruffles.

Berry Flag Display


This fruity flag display is simple enough to pull off in a professional way.

Star Sprinkles


These whimsical cakes would make a nice display on any 4th of July desert table.

Cupcake Cones


Make your cupcakes extra special by putting them in cones.

Red White and Navy Blue


This look is so classy.  The navy blue frosting sets it apart from brighter blue choices. If you don’t want to make these for the 4th consider making them for Memorial Day, next year.

I hope you are having a good time planning and prepping for your 4th of July celebration, and I hope these cupcake ideas have you excited to make some stunning desserts!



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