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Easter Eggs

Here are 8 ways that you can dye Easter eggs without those frustrating and frankly over priced kits from the stores.  The reason we like these ideas is because they are clearly off the beaten path! We’ve also tested all these methods and can tell you that they are all equally awesome!

mess for less

Baking Soda Easter Eggs- Mess for Less

These are like a science experiment and Easter egg decorating all in one!


shaving cream easter eggs

How to Dye Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream-From  A Thrifty Mom

This one was a BIG hit in our house!  We also pressed white paper on top of the left over shaving cream and made some pretty cool art!

confetti eggs

Confetti Easter Eggs- From Quad City Moms

These were fun, but a little messy.  It was also hard to use the eggs after wards.  I might like to try this with plastic eggs so I could keep them.

kool aid eggs

Kool Eggs Dyed with Kool Aid- From Hey Jen Renee

These smelled so yummy! It was also fun to do!

Glow in the dark eggs

Glow in the Dark Eggs –From Crafty Morning

These were totally cool but I was afraid to eat the actual hard boiled egg. So great craft if you have older kids and are not going to eat them.

bright eggs

Spotty Eggs- From Red Ted Art

This one used those little circle stickers from the office supply store so they are really toddler friendly.

Watercolor eggs

Water Color Eggs-From Spoon, Fork, Bacon

These were so much fun!  We had a blast making them!

sparkle dot


Sparkly Dot Easter Eggs- From Domestifluff

These are great for older kids.  They were very pretty and made a nice centerpiece!

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