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15 DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

15 DIY Easter Crafts for Kids

Spring is finally here and that means Easter is just around the corner, how exciting! There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday with your little ones! There is certainly no shortage of Easter Crafts for Kids and I am on the hunt to find some inspiration for a few crafty afternoons with my kids. If you are looking to find a few festive crafts to help you celebrate Easter with your kids, take a look at the following list of 15 DIY Easter Crafts for Kids!

Wet Chalk Tape Resist from Mom to 2 Posh Li’l Divas
wet chalk tape resist

Here is an easy and fun craft to do with the kids. My kids really like coloring with chalk so this would be a perfect craft for us!

Carrot Craft from A Night Owl

carrot craftHOW CUTE! Look at those little toes! I can see my two-year-old being super into this craft. Paint on his feet, that’s fun! Ripping up paper, yep, FUN!

Tissue Paper Easter Egg Collage from The Suburban Mom

tissue paper eggs for easterMy oldest son loves all crafts that involve glue, he would have a lot of fun doing this craft.

Paint Chip Easter Eggs from Sunny Day Family

paint chip easter eggsThis is a fun way to use paint swatches! Have fun practicing scissor skills with your little one while you make this cute egg project!

Egg Splatter from Hands On : As We Grow

egg splatter paintingThis looks like a messy and fun way to spend the afternoon, just make sure to put down the crafting table cloth before you get to work on these eggy masterpieces!

Hand Print Chick from Daily Leisure

hand print chickThis craft is cute too! You get a little keepsake of your kids hands, and your kid gets to have a little fun putting this chick together!

Window Egg Art from The Pleasantest Thing

window egg artThis is a simple way to get your craft on! Yep, I know my kids would love this! It’s colorful which they would adore, and they would love having their art in such a prominent area of the house for everyone to see and enjoy.

Finger Painting Easter Eggs from Playtivities

finger painting easter eggs

I know there are some kids out there that don’t like to get their hands dirty. Those are not my kids, they would dive right into this finger painting fun!

Tissue Paper Baby Chicks from Simple As That

tissue paper baby chickMy kids would love this craft! Between the pipe cleaner legs, googly eyes, and tissue paper feathers, they will be in sensory heaven! They will crinkle the paper, bend the pipe cleaners, and rattle the googly eyes; I can imagine it already.

Sheep Mask from Danya Banya

sheep maskWatch out Instagram! Prepare to be inundated with cute photos of my little ones wearing their homemade sheep masks!

Easter Cross Suncatcher from Hands On : As We Grow

easter cross suncatcherHow beautiful is this craft?! I think it is lovely!

Coffee Filter Bunny from Kids’ Craft Ideas

coffee filter bunnyThis little guy would look adorable hanging in our home!

Ribbon Easter Egg from Hands On : As We Grow

ribbon easter eggWhat a fun way to use up some of the scrap ribbon I have stashed and this egg is so cute!

Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs from No Time for Flash Cards

qtip painted easter eggI have plenty of Q-Tips from that Target deal a few months ago! This looks easy and fun! We can totally make these!

Sticker Easter Egg Craft from Danya Banya

sticker easter eggNow here is a craft my kids are sure to love! While my two-year-old will for sure spend the entire time peeling and unsticking stickers from his fingers, clothes, and possibly face, my four-year-old will make a sticker masterpiece. For sure, they will both have fun!

These are some great easy DIY Easter Crafts for Kids! I can’t wait to try these crafts with my littles ones!

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