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Looking for something creative for your Kids to Take to School for Valentine’s Day!? Check out these 10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids to Take to School!

One of my favorite (and one of the funniest) Valentine’s I’ve read was one that said,

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
This poem doesn’t rhyme.

Silly? Yep. Was it a hit with preschoolers? Absolutely!

Since our kids are in different ages and stages of development (preschool, elementary, and middle school), they all want something different and fun to bring to school or co-op. That means we (read: mom) have to get really crafty with what we bring for friends, especially if no food or candy is allowed.

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for kids of all ages!

1. Valentine’s Day Bookmark


For the bookworms in your group!

2. Glitter Chalk Hearts


Cute project for toddlers to elementary school kids.

3. Trail Mix Valentine’s Snack


A healthy alternative to candy, and there’s free printables, too!

4. You Rule Valentine


You can pick up rulers pretty cheap, and the kids will have fun assembling these for their friends!

5. Color Your Heart Out Valentines


Party packs of crayons are available in big box stores as well as dollar stores.

6. Crayon Hearts


Just in case you have a few old crayons at home, and want to share the love!

7. Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card Kits


This is a great idea if the group will have a party before the actual day.

8. Valentine Candy Heart


Step-by-step instructions for your older kids to follow.

9. Melting Heart Slime


I had to throw something in there for my boys!

10. Valentine’s Day Cards and Sweethearts


Sometimes, the things that are traditional, tried, and true are simply the best.

What crafty ideas do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?

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